Low Country Dusk by Ingrid Carson
Ingrid Carson

Low Country Dusk by Ingrid Carson

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Low Country Dusk
Original Oil on Canvas
by Ingrid Carson

Dimensions: 16" High x 20" Wide x 3/4" Deep

About Ingrid Carson:

I'm a visual artist who paints with oils and acrylics.    I teach art in my home studio and enjoy the creative process of painting from within.  It's the process of applying paint and texture to my surface that brings out the artistic spirit within me.  Color, line, texture, value, and space (the elements of design) are the focus of my thoughts while working on my images - real and imagined.

I worked in the accounting field until I "burned out" and returned to school to earn a degree in Studio Art.  That shift in careers has been a major highlight in my life.  The people I meet, the places I go and life's experiences are all encompassed in my work.  Art is my visual biography.