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Custom Picture Framing

While many galleries boast about having the largest selection of frames, Palmetto Fine Arts concentrates on quality rather than quantity.  Although we have over a thousand frames from the world’s finest framemakers, Owner and Custom Framer Thomas Bowers hand inspects each frame sample to ensure the highest quality selection. The frames we carry range from simple flat gallery style mouldings to mouldings that are hand carved in Italy.  With our experience, attention to detail, and array of inventory, we can preserve your treasure, whether it be your child’s macaroni art or a precious family heirloom, for decades to come all while keeping your personal style and budget in mind.


Framed Artwork

Palmetto Fine Arts carries an ever changing inventory of framed artwork ranging from local artists’ originals and limited editions, to posters and framed mirrors for every style and budget.


Local Originals

Palmetto Fine Arts works closely with the local Crooked Creek Art League and dedicates space in the gallery to ensure a unique rotating supply of local & original art.


Fashion Jewelry

Palmetto Fine Arts carries a very distinctive line of fashion necklaces & earring sets all priced at $22.  Our line of jewelry is unique and ever changing. We purchase only two or three of each set and rarely buy from the same vendors, so you can express your personal style.  Stop in today to see what we have to offer!


Gift Cards

Gift Cards are perfect for when you just can’t decide what to buy for that special occasion.  A gift card allows the recipient to personally select and choose their favorite piece from our inventory that reflects his or her individual style and taste.


Glazing Products

Many factors such as UV light, heat, pollution, and moisture affect your keepsakes over the years.  Glazing (glass) options are often the easiest choice to help protect your keepsakes from one of the most damaging factors, UV Light.  Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to irreversible damage and fade colors of artwork over time.  Palmetto Fine Arts uses TruVue Glazing to protect each piece we produce and allow the customer the option to personalize the level of protection.  If you are a more hands on (or eyes on) customer, we have an in store display that allows you to personally view the difference in the selections.  Glazing options are as follows:

Premium Clear Glass
Premium Clear is our basic line of glazing.  Premium Clear Glazing blocks up to 45% of damaging UV light.

Reflection Control® Glass
Reflection Control Glazing has an etched matte-like finish to minimize glare in rooms with lots of natural or artificial lighting.  Reflection Control glazing blocks up to 45% of damaging UV Light while still allowing over 89% light transmission and less than 8% light reflection.

Conservation Clear ® Glass
Conservation Clear Glazing looks similar to regular glass, but has a UV blocking coating baked into the glass to add additional UV light protection. Conservation Clear Glazing blocks up to 98% of damaging UV Light and has less than 8% light reflection.

Conservation Reflection Control ® Glass
Conservation Reflection Control ® Glazing looks similar to Reflection Control ® Glazing, but has a UV blocking coating baked into the glass to add additional UV light protection. Conservation Reflection Control ® Glazing blocks up to 48% of damaging UV Light while still allowing over 89% light transmission and less than 8% light reflection.

Museum Glass ®
Museum Glass ® is state of the art Glazing that combines the best of all glazing options allowing ultimate UV protection with almost no light reflection for the ultimate viewing experience
Museum Glass ® Glazing blocks up to 99% of damaging UV Light while still allowing over 97% light transmission to enhance colors, brightness and contrast levels while achieving less than 1% light reflection, the lowest possible reflection rating available with UV Protection.

Acrylic Glazing is also available and recommended for high traffic commercial areas and for situations when the weight of the finished project may be problematic.


Matting & Backing

Fine Arts uses foam-core backing and matting that is Acid-Neutral if not Acid Free to protect your keepsake and provide as much protection as possible against yellowing and foxing.  A climate controlled environment combined with the finest framing materials will enable you to protect and enjoy your keepsake safe for decades to come.


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