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About Us

At the age of fourteen, Thomas Bowers (better known as "TC") became involved with artwork and custom picture framing when he encouraged a family friend to open a storefront gallery.  TC began his apprenticeship working in the gallery, setting up store displays and assisting clients with their framing projects from concept to completion.

TC worked with his family friend until he purchased, relocated, and renamed the gallery in early 2004.  He organized the gallery as a Limited Liability Company in 2005 and has continued with the expansion of services available at Palmetto Fine Arts, LLC.  

TC contributes the success of Palmetto Fine Arts to offering fair, honest, and budget conscious pricing for quality work that we proudly put our name on.  Over the years, Palmetto Fine Arts expanded the lines of moulding and services offered to clients to encompass the world's leading companies in design and quality. We are proud to offer materials from Tru-Vue Glazing, Crescent Mattboard, and Wood Frame Mouldings from manufactures such as The Palmetto Group, Omega, Studio, D├ęcor, Larson-Juhl, and Roma.

Palmetto Fine Arts also added an extensive and very popular line of fashion jewelry that is ever revolving. You can proudly wear one of our unique necklace/earring sets, bracelets, and rings, expressing your personal style on a budget.

With the continued growth of Palmetto Fine Arts, TC made the decision to support local artists by adding a designated space for the Crooked Creek Art League. You can come and admire the ever changing and eclectic artwork of local artists for a limited time, as art in this designed space is rotated frequently.

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